Finding A Way Forward

When faced with cancer, mental health issues or debilitating pain some people will look beyond the traditional methods to cope. For those looking into non-traditional methods or therapies there are many options. For example green therapy (nature therapy), creative therapy, equine therapy and more. While many insurance companies do not recognize non-traditional therapies, people will find a way.      Three people facing different situations were willing to discuss what they went through and what has helped them reach beyond the diagnosis or situation.
 Cheri Baker

     Cheri Baker was just 36 when she received her diagnosis. As a wife, mother of three and an occupational therapist by trade, the diagnosis was not expected. In early 2016, previously having found a lump (diagnosed as a clogged milk duct), she was not too worried, but continued tendon pain gave her cause to visit the doctor. In May 2016, Baker received her diagnosis, Stage II Adenocarcinoma of the breast tissue.       Pri…

Death of the Wild

Since mankind has walked the land, it had found the need to expand. The need to take over and own all that it has seen and/or set foot upon. But who, or more importantly, what pays the price for manifest destiny? What is destroyed by man's insatiable need or want for more?

     According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Colorado has increased in population by over 100,000 people between 2014 and 2015. The expansion of people living in Colorado, has become the downfall to nature. Not only is the natural landscape being destroyed so people can build their homes, but as the cities become more congested, the edges creep further towards the wild, and the rural areas become more populated.

      As the cities become larger, and some choose to move further into the rural community, there are more interactions with the wildlife. Mankind believes that they have the right to the land, and become upset when the wildlife begins to roam what was its natural territory. For example, there has been an i…

A Small Town Disturbance

A Small Town Disturbance The small towns of Colorado City and Rye, located approximately 20 miles south of Pueblo, were shocked to see the Pueblo County Sheriff's Department vehicles speeding along Colorado Highway 165 with the sirens blaring on 30 June. Later that evening, the reasons were explained and yet again the residents were hanging their heads as the fifth illegal marijuana grow, since 2012, was found hiding within, or near, the National Forest.

     An unsuspecting hiker was traversing through San Isabel National Forest, when the grow was stumbled upon. In total, there was approximately 7,400 plants found, with a value near 7 million dollars, according to Pueblo County Sheriffs investigators.

     While two suspects were noticed in the area, no arrests were made. Evidence was found and showed that the individuals had been living within the area for some time. Temporary shelters, blankets, cook stoves were just some of the items found around the illegal grow.

     Pueblo Cou…

An Experience in Crowds and Costumes

An Experience in Crowds and CostumeThe Denver Comic Con was held from June 30 - July 2 of 2017 at the Denver Convention Center. Here in Colorado, according to Graham Ambrose from the Denver Post, "with attendance reaching 115,000 it is the third largest in the country."

Comic Con is a convention that caters to fans of comics, movies, books and more.Not only from the science fiction and fantasy realm, but all realms. The first Comic Con was held in San Diego, California in March of 1970. Little was known then as to what a phenomenon it would become. This convention is not just for the young, or the science fiction enthusiast, there are fans from all genres of entertainment. Some of the costumes seen will be from comic books, movies, books, and cartoons.

This year, there was a downside, the event was held later in the summer than previous years in order to avoid colliding with Fathers Day weekend.In spite of the change in dates, the convention center was packed full of all…

A Cornerstone In A Small Community

In most small town communities, there is often a store, a family that everyone can count on. Serving the Greenhorn Valley Community (Colorado City and Rye, CO) is the True Value Hardware Store ran by the Mansfield Family. True Value has been operating in Colorado City for twenty-six years, and operated by the Mansfield family (Richard, Dorothy, Bill and Trish) since 1991.

Not only does Bill Mansfield enjoy working and helping the community through operating True Value, but through True Value (as well as personally) has helped at least six small business get their start in the Greenhorn Valley.  Bill Mansfield, along with his family and True Value Hardware, are a cornerstone in the small Greenhorn Valley community. Supporting, serving and living among family and friends keeping the Greenhorn Valley alive and kicking.